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"Wow, you guys are so accommodating. And I want you to know that I really do appreciate the service you provide us fit and muscular women. A good chunk of my website's traffic comes from your website. Thank you. You are helping me fulfill my dream."

~Nicole Weeks

Add Your Profile! It's Free! BodybuilderFemales.com is a free site for both the visitor and the contributor. It has a listing of female bodybuilders, athletes, fitness & figure models and other muscular women. Many of them have web sites. There are also links for related resources.

Why get listed? The more relevant links that point to your site, the better ranking it can achieve in the search engine results. This can mean more traffic and hopefully more business for you,the contributor. Also, many people visit this site and will in turn visit your site.

Even if you don't have a web site, it's good publicity for you. After your page is created, you can give out the link to friends, family and clients. The URL (the web address) of your page will be formatted like this:


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Your submission will be added, modified or deleted per your request. Nothing will be published without your permission. If you simply want to exchange text links for a web site related to female bodybuilders and muscular women, please visit our link information page.

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Sue Ingram

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