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Angela Salvagno 

Stats: Updated 06/28/10
Weight:131 Pounds
Date of Birth: 
Eye Color
Hair Color: 
Marital Status: 
Calves:15 1/2"
Biceps:15 1/2"
Resides:Chico, CA, USA
Web Site: 



Angie Salvagno I was born in Willows, CA on January 13, 1976. I was raised most of my life in Orland, CA. I grew up as a skinny, petite little girl, but I was very athletic.

I started in gymnastics when I was 6 and did that for 3 years. When I was 8 years old, I got into baseball. I played little league for 3 years then went into the major leagues.

I was teased by the other teams when I first entered the majors, but I shut them up really fast when I showed them that I might be tiny, but I got a lot of power behind me.

Image courtesy of MuscleMoods.com

It was right around this time that I joined Tae kwon do. I trained for about 4 years and received a first degree blackbelt. I eventually quit because it became too much for me at such a young age. They wanted me to teach classes at the age of 13 and I could not handle that kind of responsibility at that time.

When I was 16, I was introduced to weight training. My brother was into it at the time and I saw the dramatic changes he had been making over the years, so I decided to give it a try. I hit the weights pretty hard right away. My body started to change in a matter of months. Everyone was noticing my definition. It was pretty exciting.

At the time, my goal was to compete in 3 years. Well, it was actually 8 years later that I competed in my first show. It was a friend of mine who persuaded me to enter into my first bodybuilding show.

Here is a list of shows that I have done so far:

Contra Costa 99 Middle Weight 2nd (130pds)

Sacramento 99 Heavy Weight 1st and overall (134pds)

Contra Costa 2000 Heavy Weight 2nd (138pds)

California 2000 Heavy Weight 2nd (144pds)

USA 2001 Middle Weight 5th (131pds)

Nationals 2001 Heavy Weight 16th (144pds)

Ironman/Ironmaiden 2001 Heavy Weight 1st and overall (144pds)

Nationals 2002 Middle Weight 6th (131pds)


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