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Stats: Updated 06/04/07
Height:5' 1"
Weight:170 Pounds
Date of Birth:December 14, 1961
Eye Color
Hair Color:Brown
Marital Status: 
Thighs:26 1/2"
Calves:17 1/2"
Resides:Tampa, Florida, USA
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I've worked out since 1987. When I do something, I do it all the way , or I dont ! . . . I like huge muscle size on females, and this is what I've been focused on since. Too bad there is only a few around! In our day the only one I know is Marja Lehtonen. Amazing size, and yet still feminine looking! I hope they will place her well at the Miss O this year. I saw her compete at the NOC in NYC last week, and she got ripped off, again! . . .To me she portrays what female bodybuluiding is all about. Too bad the bodybuilding federarion can't see it this way (totaly stupid).

Image courtesy of MuscleEleganceMag.com*
http://www.muscleelegancemag.com *Adult Content

To me, in bodybuliding, there is no such thing as, " Too hard or too big ." You are either a Fitness, or a bodybuilder!

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