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Stats: Updated 05/13/09
Height:5' 1"
Weight:124 Contest
138-142 Off-season
Date of Birth:September 11, 1975
Eye Color
Hair Color:Changes every 6-8 weeks!
Marital Status:Married
Thighs:23 1/2"
Biceps:13 1/2"
Resides:Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
Web Site:Blog

Heidi BagwellI am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor from Spartanburg, South Carolina. I am married and have two children, 12 and 10.

I joined my first gym in March of 2003 and was tipping the scales then at close to 200 pounds. I started dieting and weight training and competed for the first time in June of 2004 at the North Carolina Supernatural. I entered the Novice and the Women's Open and placed DEAD LAST in both.

Photo by Gene X Hwang, courtesy of GeneXMagazine.com

So I went back to the drawing board, changed trainers and entered the 2004 Shannon Meteraud Fall Classic, where I won the Middleweight class. In May of 2005 I entered the NPC Palmetto Cup where I won the Middleweight and the Women's Overall, and then three weeks later I entered the South Carolina State Championships and won Middleweight and Overall.

I took the summer and fall off in 2005 to have some much needed shoulder surgery. (20 weeks NO upper body lifting, so I trained legs twice a week) Then in October of 2005 I turned the heat back up and began training for the 2006 Jr. USA. I competed there this past April where I won the Middleweight class and Overall. I am currently training for the 2006 Nationals in Miami, Florida.

If I am not in the gym (which is where I am the majority of the time), you will find me either at home (sleeping) or running my kids back and forth to karate and cheerleading practices.

Training Schedule:

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Arms
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Back and Shoulders
Sat & Sun: Cardio

Off season I do 45 mins of cardio six days a week. Contest, two hours seven days a week. And HATE every waking minute of it!


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