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Jackie Young  

Stats: Updated 08/23/05
Specialty: Bodybuilder
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: Competition: 82kg
Off-season: 94kg
Date of Birth: April 4, 1966
Eye Color
Greeny Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Marital Status:  
Chest: 44"
Thighs: 27 1/2"
Calves: 18"
Biceps: 17 1/2"
Resides: Scotland
Contact: Email
Web Site: Yahoo Sports

Jackie YoungHi, my first bodybuilding comp was when I was 31 years old. I competed in the N.A.B.B.A.'s Miss Scotland, Miss Britain, Miss Universe and other local competitions, as well as competitions run by W.A.B.B.A and the E.F.B.B.

In all my competitions I have always placed top 3. I was asked to compete in the first ever World's Strongest Woman
competition in which I was reluctant to do, but I thought it was a challenge that I would regret, if I refused.

After only having 8 weeks to change my way of training and get used to the event stuff, I placed 4th in the WSW '01 competiton in Africa. This gave me the push to carry on that type of training for the following year's '02 competiton, in which I placed 2nd. The year after that, '03, I was injured out on the second to last event. This was a big set back for me, as it was my Achilles tendon that was damaged.

I'm on the mend know and back at trainning hoping to compete again next year, if possible in bodybuilding competitions, but I have a lot of gym work to do, due to the rest-time I had to take off.

More on me can be found in http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/JackieYoung/

Take care, love, Jackie Young, Scotland xxx

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