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Lisa Arksey 

Stats: Updated 06/18/07
Height:5' 4"
Weight:155 Pounds
Date of Birth:July 27, 1976
Eye Color
Hair Color:Black
Marital Status:Have significant other
Calves:15 3/4"
Biceps:14 3/4"
Resides:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Web Site: 

Lisa ArkseyAs far as my athletic background goes, I have played various sports since grade 2 including basketball, volleyball, track & field, soccer, rugby, baseball and wrestling.

Through out my schooling, I have had dreams of being a professional athlete of some sort...flirted with the thought of being a track star, then basketball then a WWE Diva and finally a Lenda Murray.

I have always had an obsession with muscle. I had a passion for bodybuilding, which I had always thought was unattainable without drugs. (Now realizing its all about the genetics, training and diet) I had kept active and been weight training since 1990 off and on, trying to build my physique. Deep down inside I was not going to give up!

I started to read a bit and try many different diets and started to experiment on ways to try and lean out! Well that was impossible! My body was and still is a hard one to figure out! (I am very middle heavy and abs are playing hide and seek an awful lot!)

There have been many changes in my life since I started bodybuilding, but probably the most important thing to me was the boost of self-confidence that I have received, as well as just being more positive overall with myself and life in general. As I am also striving to keep improving myself I am also trying to help others around me recognize the many benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. I am currently starting to do some personal training on my spare time & try to help others achieve their goals.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of bodybuilding is people's reactions to a muscular female! I guess it could be quite shocking at the first glance, especially if the woman's face is still feminine, which is quite rare nowadays in female bodybuilding. (Which is my goal to stay feminine yet muscular.)

Nevertheless, since the beginning of my transformation people have shown me nothing but encouragement and positivity, as I continue to grow and fine tune. Especially, those on Herbiceps.com, where I began modeling as a bodybuilder and became exposed to the bodybuilding world. Thanks Rick Oliver for your great photography & guidance :o)

My future goals are to keep training hard and sculpt and refine my physique. Try and keep the competitive juices flowing, I have successfully made it into level 3 bodybuilding as my next competition will be the Ontario's in June 2006. I also have interest in exploring different avenues in the fitness industry, whether it is some type modeling or promotional venues. I will continue try to expose myself as much as I can to do what I can to fulfill all of my dreams and work towards my pro-card. Trying to bring a more feminine side back to female bodybuilding, as I do it naturally!!

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