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Sherry Ann Boudreau 

Stats: Updated 10/26/10
Height:5' 2"
Weight:118 Pounds
Date of Birth:March 25, 1968
Eye Color
Hair Color:Light Brown
Marital Status:Have Significant Other
Resides:Austin, TX, USA
Web Site: 

Sherry Ann BoudreauI am a lifetime natural, Canadian athlete, born in Victoria, BC. I lived in Richmond, BC up until 1982 and then I moved to Pender Harbour, BC (Sunshine Coast). After graduation, I moved to the Lower Mainland and completed my degree in cosmetology and was also certified in aerobics and weight training. I am currently living in Asutin, TX, training with WNBF pro "Dave Goodin."

I am currently in the process of writing a book about my entire life called, "Start Today, Tomorrow Never Comes." This book is going to be dedicated to my children and the people who believed in me. However, don't hold your breath for the book to be released anytime soon as I have had a very interesting life so far and there is much more to add to it. I can assure you that it will inspire and motivate anyone that reads it!

My most recent goals are to attempt to become a WNBF Pro Bodybuilder, try power lifting and after that has been accomplished, I will then put my experience and knowledge towards judging competitions.

I decided to start competing just before my third child and after each category I experienced, my fitness friends would introduce me to another. I love a challenge and it's so much fun staying healthy, fit and positive.

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