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Traci Shoop 

Stats: Updated 10/31/10
Height:5' 7"
Weight:130 Pounds
Date of Birth:1971
Eye Color
Hair Color:Brown
Marital Status: 
Resides:Hope Mills, NC, USA
Web Site: 

Traci ShoopI started competing in fitness for the fun of it. Since I was two, I have always been into entertainment, sports and stage work. I started out with ballet, then tap, then jazz then got into sports. In the summer it was tetherball, softball, track and many more....

It was when I started drill team that it became clear that I was a leader in this field.... I made captain and our team went to state ...we had a positive team and we enjoyed it.... I actually won and became an All-American girl... and made runner up for Ohio.

Later, I got into weight training because I was around Army Soldiers and WOW are they, well you know, FIT. And they do tougher stuff like obstacle courses and muddy, get-down dirty stuff, don't be a WUSS.

Boy, from my girlie pageant modeling stuff this was interesting. So, I entered into WTF and went to nationals with 120 girls and made 10th in the nation... Well, that didn't stop me. I wanted to also try the magazines 'cause these girls were getting looked at, so I didn't know how to do it.

I won Ms Hawaiian Tropic and Ms Venus and runner-up in MS Fitness. Ms Fitness America ended up on national TV for one year and got some exposure in the mags.... but they weren't putting me on the cover. What is up with these people?.... Then I decided to get into bodybuilding... and bench pressing strength and power. I got into Olympic events like Sport Aerobics and won Ms Great Lakes International and national.... Hey where are my covers? I was champion in everything.

Then I got into the business part. Hey, maybe there is money in this!? so I have like degrees in areas from five colleges. Certifications out my you-know-what, when I found I had a gift since I was a child.

This gift let alone made me successful not only in the body, but also the mind. I was really helping people. I was helping them medically, almost like a healer.

I had found out that I had started gaining weight and noticed myself getting tired. I had already been dealing with hearing impairment throughout my life Now I was dealing with possible cancer.

Geez, so I went back to school and studied and found that my gift was spiritual and finally knew what was going on. I needed to work this to heal myself and I did! If you want to learn how or maybe find out how to deal with your inner self, contact me I am also now a certified life coach and heal in relationships too... that is another story with me..... light and love

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