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Trina Gillis 

Stats: Updated 10/05/11
Height:5' 4"
Weight:140 Pounds
Date of Birth: 
Eye Color
Hair Color:Blonde-Brown
Marital Status:Have significant other
Resides:Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Web Site: 

Trina GillisI have been a muscle therapist for the past five years. Presently, I am also doing personal training.

I started competing in 2001, in bodybuilding. I have competed in five bodybuilding shows. My last bodybuilding show was in 2003. I placed 1st in my provincial show.

The next year, 2004, I started competing in Figure, placing 2nd out of 37 girls at my provincial show. This past year I placed 3rd out of 14 girls at my first national show for Figure.

Other than the gym, I love to snowboard in the winter with my other half, Glen. We wakeboard, rollerblade and I spend most of my summer playing baseball. Being athletic outside of weight lifting, I try to stay on the leaner side when I am off- season. I dont believe in gaining more than 20 pounds or so off-season. This is also a business decision. Who wants to hire an overweight personal trainer? (hehe)


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